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3 Brothers…

1 Brewery…

No shortcuts!

O Brother Brewing is the brainchild of three brothers from Co. Wicklow, Ireland – Barry, Brian, and Paddy O’Neill. In December 2014 we swapped the 9-5 jobs for beer 24/7 and set up our brewery in the beautiful village of Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow.  We haven’t looked back since!


We set up O Brother Brewing with the clear intention to brew beers that excite and delight the senses on every level, and to break down the barriers that prevent consumers from discovering and experiencing fresh Irish beer at its very best!

We do this by working with the most talented independent Irish artists, passionate and progressive artisan food producers, and brewing industry experts, to deliver a smile to our customers at every step of their O Brother experience. From the bold and unique artwork adorning our black cans to the discovery of an innovative new brewing process, or indeed a new and fantastic flavour experience in beers developed using novel ingredients, in collaboration with our coffee-roaster, chocolatier and fruit-producer friends.



We produce a permanent core range of four beers - the most popular styles with craft beer drinkers -  as well as an ever-changing lineup of seasonal and limited-release beers exploring new brewing innovations, exciting ingredients, styles and flavours.

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