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Chancer Can 02_edited.jpg

The Chancer.

The Chancer is our American-style pale ale. Bright fresh orange, grapefruit-citrus and delicate spice blend beautifully with tropical candy notes of watermelon,
mango, and pineapple. With a light malt base of Irish Pale and Cara Malt and a gentle supporting bitterness, the deliciously bright hop notes shine through in this lively and satisfying thirst quencher.


4.6% ABV.

Dreamcatcher Can 02.jpg

The Dreamcatcher.

The Dreamcatcher is our lively New England style Session IPA with Citra and Strata hops as its key players. Lovely grapefruit and orange balance the lush, tropical hop flavours, finishing clean and fresh. Bold, with lots of punch, but
with an approachable ABV for easy drinking.


4.2% ABV.

Sinner Can 02.jpg

The Sinner.

The Sinner is our big, hoppy American-style IPA. Seven malt types are blended for a malt base that is a delicate balance of sweet and biscuity. The Citra hop is the main feature here bringing delicious floral, citrus and spice, with tropical fruit flavours and aromas.


6.2% ABV.

Nightcrawler Can 02.jpg

The Nightcrawler.

The Nightcrawler is our milk stout. This is darkly delicious, with a thick creamy head. Packed with coffee, chocolate and vanilla notes and a creaminess in the body that is typical of the style. Delicate hop bitterness balances the finish leaving you ready for the next sup!

4.5% ABV. 

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